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"The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are." -Joseph Campbell


Oftentimes people come to therapy because they have become stuck in their lives, feeling at the mercy of outdated core beliefs about themselves and the world around them.


Many of us need help uncovering our sense of aliveness and joy.


Through the process of authentically and intimately relating with another human being, Kate believes our inherent sense of possibility and our divine right to our pure potential get awakened.


Kate’s primary approach is a body-centered one, which means that sessions involve somatic inquiry, or a body-centered focus, as well as dialogue. The body holds information that is easily accessible, if we know how to listen.


She is also certified in EMDR, a process of trauma resolution.


Kate’s connection and commitment to the natural world inform her work with clients. She considers herself a guide and a facilitator of the unfolding to occur in the individual, couple, or family system.



"My life has been tumultuous and continues to leave me feeling uprooted. Kate has helped me to trust that being with myself can be peaceful. Her office feels like home-- for sometimes it is the most stable place I have, as everything around me is constantly in flux. In the safety of Kate's gentle approach I am learning to not only accept myself, but to love myself."


"In supervision, Kate creates a space that allows me to explore my work as a therapist while remaining intrinsically connected to myself as a human being. In this container, I am able to map the subtleties of my work with clients and develop a confidence that is rooted in honest self-inquiry. Kate's feedback is direct, honest, and gentle, and provides a safe container for me to discover my own way as a therapist. She models a clarity of presence that is conducive to growth and transformation and that I sincerely hope to emulate in my own work with clients." - Supervisee

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